I Thought I was a Democrat…

I decided to start intermittently blogging about politics again.  The first time around, it was to blow off steam about the abuses of the Bush Administration.   Most of the posts, however, were about trying to discuss political policy without hyperbole.   I guess that makes me rare in the blog-o-sphere.

Everyone describes themselves as middle of the road.  Apparently,  it depends on the road.   I thought maybe I was a Republican before Reagan ran for election and then I realized I wasn’t.   I thought I was a Democrat until I started hanging out with a few of them at political organizational meetings and I realized that I wasn’t.   It turns out that I don’t really have a political party at all.

I am socially liberal, fiscally conservative and have a strong leaning toward Libertarianism.  That’s not the modern Ron Paul-style Liberatarian, which strikes me as whacky, but more of the old-school Goldwater Republican notion that a large part of what we do as citizens isn’t the business of government and shouldn’t be regulated by it — you know, the whole “smaller government” thing.

Thanks for listening.


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