The F-22

The Senate vote to stop production of the F-22 fighter plane appears to be a good sign that our government hasn’t completely forgotten how to govern.

This is the first time since the election that (to my knowledge anyway) John McCain and Obama have been on the same side of a political issue.  There is consensus among those two and apparently many more that the F-22 was a Cold War weapon.  It was designed in the late 1980’s to dominate Soviet jets.

Those in opposition to stopping funding apparently put more weight on securing jobs in their states, even if it wasn’t in the best interests of the United States as a whole.   Chris Dodd, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy all voted in favor of keeping the financing.  A pox on them, since none seem to be particularly hawkish on defense spending.

As a side note, John Kerry voiced support for the plane, but voted against the additional financing.  No wonder he couldn’t beat W. in 2004.  Geez.


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