I have blogged quite a bit regarding the need for honest, intellectual debate about government policy.   I was following up on a Twitter “tweet” from a co-worker about Ronald Reagan’s LP speaking out against Medicare.  I was doing a little research because they had the date as 1969 (I am pretty sure it was 1961, which is important since Medicare was passed in 1965).

In my research,  I came across the following reply to a YouTube reference to Reagan’s LP.   I was reminded once again how difficult it can be to have an intelligent discussion with some people.  It’s the best example of cognitive dissonance I’ve seen in a while.

I cant play video on my computer. Is this the one where he [Reagan] is warning against passing medicare? I depend on medicare actually but I know its really part of the march toward socialism and wish I didnt need it. My own daughter uses my dependence on medicare to argue that she deserves some sort of public option socialized medicine also. I was going to stop going to the doctor so she couldnt hold it over me anymore but that just made her more mad so Im going to my checkups again.

Oddly, I have nothing to add to that.


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